Task Mgr

Grow revenue by providing visibility, review and social media services to your clients from one scalable interface.

Stay on top of your digital marketing tasks and projects with Task Manager.
  • Digital marketing fulfillment teams don’t have the time it takes to individually social post to every channel, respond to individual reviews, or keep track of each of their client’s local listings.
  • Task Manager prescriptively pulls in new tasks, ensuring that your fulfillment team will stay on track and on schedule. Respond to reviews, create a social calendar, view any overdue listings claims, and track performance through our reporting system, all without having to search through multiple sites and channels.
  • Task Manager is different from other task management software in that it pulls in tasks in a prescriptive fashion. Rather than having to plug in your daily tasks in order to manage your client’s online marketing efforts, our award-winning platform will do the work for you.

Get started in Task Manager, today!

  • Other tools require you to manually input each task that your team has to perform whereas our prescriptive tool brings them to our sleek interface. Never miss a thing with Task Manager.
  • Small businesses don’t have time to maintain every online listing or review site, or regularly post to every social channel. Task Manager helps your fulfillment team manage all of your client’s digital marketing efforts in one place.
  • Unclaimed or broken listings can lead your client’s customers to the wrong physical location. With Task Manager, your fulfillment team will be able to easily manage their listings on multiple sites.
  • Task Manager makes taking on multiple clients easy and effortless. Grow your business with our easy task management tool.

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