Chat AI

Engage website visitors with a collection of 9 products including AI Chatbot, LeadBot, popups, banners, and more.

This is a DIY product. Build your own AI Chatbot!

Engage and convert your visitors into leads and sales with Ometrics website engagement tools:

  • AI Chatbot – Chat AI
  • LeadBots – Chat AI
  • Exit intent popups
  • Mobile banners
  • Lead sliders
  • Offer sliders
  • Feedback and Need Help tabs
  • Surveys
  • And more!

Capture visitors before they leave, create your own lead magnet and fill your lead funnel, build your own AI chatbot, increase sales with offers, gain valuable feedback, and provide support.

Choose among three plans:

For personal sites, low traffic sites, and testing For small business sites and startups For small business sites and startups For large businesses and more targeted engagement
Monthly visitors 1,000 10,000 10,000 30,000
Leads & Interactions 100 Unlimited 1,000 Unlimited
eCommerce SKUs 5 N/A 25 Unlimited
Email alerts 1 1 1 9
9 engagement tools
Unlimited leads
Zapier connection to any CRM or email system
Custom Chat AI icon
Page targeting
  • Chat AI – Build your own AI chatbot! (no program required) for custom leads, reducing support tickets, insightful surveys, any eCommerce platform, and more.
  • Increase your lead funnel with exit intent popups capturing visitors before they leave your site. Provide a lead magnet and collect contact information for your lead funnel. Mobile banners provide a Google-safe, non-intrusive way to offer promotions and create lead magnets.
  • Engage with visitors with Lead Sliders and Offer Sliders without disturbing them.
  • Get feedback and answer assist visitors instantly with Need Help and Feedback Tabs.
  • Unlimited sales leads, demo and support requests.
  • Chat AI reporting provides insights of the conversations the chatbot is having with your visitors, highlighting marketing and sales insights. These insights indicate the obstacles that are getting in the way of your customers making a purchase.
  • Chat AI helps customers find which product or service is best for them by answering questions and overcoming buying obstacles, lifting sales revenues by 15% to 35% when they engage with Chat AI.


Will Ometrics tools work on my site?

Yes, Ometrics tools work on all website platforms. Just add one script to your site for all of the tools. WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce plugins are available. Ometrics support is always available to help.

What are the limits of each plan?

Ometrics provides six plans in three products. The Website Engagement Tools has four plans: Free, LeadBot, Basic and Plus. There are also two separate full service products for Chat AI called Chat AI Leads and Support and Ecommerce Chat AI. Below are the limits for all plans:

Free account: has a limit of 1000 visitors a month and 100 Chat AI interactions, one email address for leads/alerts, 5 ecommerce SKUs, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent.

LeadBot account: has a limit of 10,000 visitors a month and unlimited leads and interactions, one email address for leads/alerts, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent.

Basic plan: 10K visitors and 1000 Chat AI interactions, 9 email address for leads/alerts, 25 eCommerce SKUs, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent.

Plus plan: 50K visitors and 10K Chat AI interactions, 9 email address for leads/alerts, unlimited eCommerce SKUs, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent, page targeting, Zapier connection to 1000’s of CRM and eMail systems.

Chat AI Leads and Support: 75K visitors and 15K Chat AI interactions, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent, page targeting, Chat AI custom development and daily AI training plus reporting. Zapier connection to 1000’s of CRM and eMail systems

Chat AI eCommerce: 75K visitors and 15K Chat AI interactions, unlimited popups, sliders, leads sent, page targeting, Chat AI custom development, eCommerce database updates, daily AI training plus reporting, unlimited eCommerce SKUs. Zapier connection to 1000’s of CRM and eMail systems

How do you send leads and support requests?

Via email and / or through Zapier (Plus, Leads and Support and eCommerce Plan only), which allows sending to over 1000 CRM and email systems

How many visitors can Ometrics handle in a month?

Each plan has a limit. If you have more visitors, we do have customer pricing. The Ometrics servers are located around the world and can handle unlimited traffic. We have clients with over 500,000 visitors a month.

Can I customize the engagement tools and Chat AI for my site?

Yes. All of the engagement tools and Chat AI are customizable to make the LeadBot, popup, slider, tab, and Chat AI work with your site’s color pallet.

How many leads does each plan have?

They are unlimited. There are no extra fees or limits to the number of leads, form submissions, help requests, etc.

How do I install the engagement tools widget on a non-WordPress website?

You can copy the code snippet right from the dashboard to your website . There are also plugins and apps for WordPress, Shopify and others.

Can I have the engagement tools active on certain pages of my website and / or have them engage differently on different pages?

The Plus plan have page targeting so you can target an engagement tool with a different popup, offer, or chatbot question on different pages.

Can I customize the chat icon on my website?

Absolutely. The Plus plan allow you to customize the Chat AI icon. All plans allow you to change the colors of the sliders, tabs, and popups.

How long does it take to set up a new customer account?

New customer accounts are set up automatically. Each tool has a different purpose and takes a different amount of time to customize. Some can be as fast as one minute. All tools will need our code snippet added to your site. With the eCommerce and Leads and Support products, your chatbot will be set up, tested, and installed within one to three weeks depending on the complexity of your business.

Can I customize the Chat AI conversation flow?

Yes, you can create a question with answers that lead to other questions (branching) or URLs on your site, show images and videos in the chatbot window, as well as answer unrelated questions in a single conversation. With the eCommerce and Leads and Support products, you simply tell us what you want and our Natural Language Processing Engineers will customize the Chat AI for you and perform daily AI training.

What if an engagement tool or Chat AI exceeds the monthly limit on visitors or interactions?

We will contact you about upgrade options. In the meantime, your Chat AI will not stop working. The last thing we want to do is hurt your business.

How many leads can I get with a LeadBot?

There is no limit to the number of leads you can get from the LeadBot.

What industries come with LeadBot?

There are over 80 industries prebuilt. You can also create new industries as well as customize each LeadBot.

What kinds of leads and forms can Chat AI send me?

You can create any type of custom LeadBots and forms with fields, check boxes, and field requirements. Forms such as a contact, support, demo, registration, and surveys are easy to create. These forms can be used for B2B and B2C lead generations and supports requests.

How will Chat AI boost my conversion rate?

It depends on your application. eCommerce sites have revenue increases of 15% to 35% when customers engage with the chatbot. Businesses can increase qualified leads and support questions are answered quickly, saving the most complex support questions for your support team. Businesses also gain insights about their customers and learn which pages customers are most confused about.

How does Chat AI work?

Chat AI is a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. Simply install one script to your site at all the Ometrics tools are ready to go. Chat AI can be triggered to engage with customers in different ways and for mobile and desktop. Chat AI is engages in conversations with customers answering questions and pointing them to the right part of the site when needed.
Chat AI is first built with questions and answers. Then, it is connected to your eCommerce database, presenting the searchable products with the ability to add them to the cart. The chatbot AI needs to be trained to become smarter for your specific business. You can build and train the AI yourself or we can do it for you with the Pro plan.

How will an exit intent popup, lead slider or offer slider boost my conversion rate?

It depends on your offer and application. Lead magnets (offering a PDF for an email address) can have a lift of 15%, increasing the top of your lead funnel.

What if the user wants to talk to a human or Live Chat?

Chat AI has its own live chat system and can connect to any live chat system. Chat AI can connect to any live chat system. Often the chatbot will ask if the customer wants to send in a request (via the form module), call, or connect to live chat.

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