Optimized Digital Marketing

We use GPT  AI to analyzing your entire web presence. 
Then we provide solutions . Know how you compare to your competition. And then win.

  • Our A.I. will create a report for you. It compares your web media to your local competition and grades how you’re doing. It will suggest solutions to each problem.
  • Think of it as your roadmap of improvements and a way to ensure you’re getting the most out of the web media you’ve already paid for.
  • Many companies have great-looking websites and social media. Yet often this web media is not connected to make it easy for Google and Facebook to send you business. There are tracking and analytics codes which need to be inserted into your campaigns.
  • Industry specific/social oriented/tracking SEO is extremely important and needs to be unified across all your web media. Otherwise, Google and Facebook will not view it as professional grade nor provide the free marketing they can.

DIGITAL HEALTH - Professional Image

LISTING CLAIM. Most consumers will conduct an online search before ever setting foot in a store, so when that search result yields inaccurate information, businesses lose customers! Our Marketing Managers can help prevent this by manually claiming and updating business information across the web, directories, mobile apps, voice search, and more.

GOOGLE PROFILE CLAIM. Our Marketing Managers can verify and claim a local client’s Google Business Profile. If applicable, they’ll also connect their Google Business Profile Insights to the platform, so regular reporting can be delivered via email to the client.

GOOGLE PROFILE MGR. Our Google experts manage your  Google Business Profile. According to Google, 70% of online customers buy from a business they find online. When customers look up a business on Google, they expect to find accurate information and beautiful images. This service is just perfect for that!

WEB UPGRADES - Turn Your Website into a Genius

DOMAINS. It all starts with a domain name.

VISITOR AI. Turn anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads with easy tracking and quick reporting.

SITE AI. Leverage AI + Live Chat + Business Text Messaging to instantly engage visitors, answer common questions, book appointments, and route hot leads from your website to your phone, email, and CRM automatically.

SOCIAL UPGRADES - Link Social, Improve Content

SOCIAL PROFILE DESIGN – Customize, personalize, and ensure that your social media pages stand out with social media profile design.

SOCIAL CLOUD  – Cloud Campaign helps you build with powerful, scalable social media management software and five-star support dedicated to your success.

LOCAL GEO ADS - Reach the Perfect Customer

LOCAL GEO-ADS MGR. Target hyper-local users based on their location, target users based on their behavior, or targeting based on demographic parameters including gender, language, device type, OS, age, and traffic type, or target users that frequent a particular retail store or event.

GOOGLE ADS AI. Say Hi to your personal Google Ads Robot. Solid Google Ads strategy for great results.

ADVERT INTEL. Uncover recipes behind rockstar campaigns, pinpoint what’s making your clients money, and use automation to stay on top of reporting.