Town Square Dallas
Connecting Communities

We help local businesses reach over 100,000 people a year, all within 2 miles of your business. Use print, digital and social to build your customer base; residents, concierges, conventions, and tourists.

Increase, and diversify your customer base.

Our publication called PASSPORT is a free service for local residents helping them find special offers from local restaurants, bars, clubs, and event venues.

Inclusion is the most effective form of marketing. Invite locals with special offers and they will show up!

People who live in our area are paying more to live here because they’re looking for a vibrant community.

TSQ Passport connects locals to your businesses, giving them reasons to visit you more often.

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Reach your most valuable customer, your neighbor.

Town Square Concept

  • Town Square is offering a subscription program for local businesses.
  • We mail our magazines to 10,000 neighbors monthly.
  • Your Passport program includes magazine ad placement, a webpage Listing on our website, and an ongoing event calendar for your location.
  • We can help you reach locals for as little as $.05 per person.
  • That makes this the most cost-effective form of marketing available today.
  • You choose a Full-Page or Half-Page ad placement in our Passport Magazine.
  • Your ad size determines how many promotion items fit in your space.
  • A Half-Page ad is great for promoting one special and one event.
  • Full-Page ad gives you space for bigger photos and multiple specials/events.
  • Each advertiser will have a Listing page on the TSQ Passport website which will reach 100k-200k locals yearly.
  • Your ads promote your own website and your existing menu, company info, etc.
  • This system drives visitors to your web presence and grows your audience.
  • Our goal is to foster a true “Locals Scene” by making offers they can’t refuse during your slow times.
  • This is how to get your “Local Loyalty Program” into the hands of over 100,000 people yearly.
  • TSQ Passport is your chance to show locals you appreciate them and hope they visit often.
  • If you want to stay consistently busy, invite your neighbor.
  • By offering a “Locals Only Special,” you give your customers another reason to spend money with you.
  • To keep these Locals’ Specials fresh we design a yearly event program with you.
  • These can be special prices for locals, ‘Chef’s Dinners’ which are held once a month, music events, or any of the hundreds of promotions we’ve seen work.
  • The truth is, even your most loyal customers need reasons to visit you over and over. The trick is getting your special offers in front of them, consistently.
  • Joining TSQ Passport gives you the power of group attraction. A single advertisement only goes so far, but combining your offer with others in your community improves your message saturation and retention.
  • When businesses support each other, it creates a more profitable community. More foot traffic for everyone.
  • Our goals are simple, increase your number of customers, as well as your average sale.
  • First, we mail our magazine to 10,000 locals. These are all people who live within 2 miles of your location. Your neighbors are the demographic most likely to visit you on a repeat basis.
  • Next, we distribute magazines to local residential & hotel concierges, social orgs (like the Downtown Dallas Residents Council), local events and VIP programs.
  • We curate our audiences by knowing the right groups and locations for effective distribution of your message.
  • Next, we blast your message out through a myriad of social campaigns and online influencer systems.
  • When we combine social audiences among 100’s of local businesses, everyone will collectively grow their own audience. That’s the nature of viral marketing.
  • These audiences build you a powerful social campaign by training Google and Facebook algorithms, for FREE
  • Our QR campaign drives a very specific demographic to your web campaigns. This gives you the ability to track user data and feed that to your Facebook and Google accounts.
  • This type of Organic Traffic is the best way to leverage the world’s largest marketing platforms, tailored for you.

Who We Are / What We Do

  • The Town Square Team’s experience stretches back 30 years. In that time we have collectively marketed and built fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, local retail, art galleries, health services, investment firms, local events companies, and a collage of other niche industries.
  • What this means is our team has the diversified marketing skillsets to bring new ideas to your table.
  • The majority of this experience has been working with 100’s of restaurants and nightclubs, across 5 cities, over the last 17 years.
  • Each of these communities has a lot in common. Mainly, a demographic that is highly motivated to try new experiences in its community.
  • Our team can fulfill any marketing need you may have. We have been designing websites since the internet was born, and we’re working will all the cutting-edge A.I. tools.
  • We have decades of solutions to pull upon while using the best solutions of today.
  • Our focus is using TSQ Passport to get your message out.
  • The next topic should be your current web campaign.
  • Many companies have great-looking websites and social media. Yet often this web media is not connected and working together to make it easy for Google and Facebook to send you business.
  • There are codes that need to be inserted into your campaigns.
  • SEO is extremely important and needs to be unified across all your web media. Otherwise, Google and Facebook will not view it as professional grade nor provide the free marketing they can.
  • There need to be consistent press releases on your website and social media.
  • Analyzing your user data is how you use it to create more business at your slow times. It’s how you pre-book events and improve customer communication.
  • Our team can provide all these web solutions and many more.
  • We start by analyzing your entire web presence. Our A.I. will create a report for you. It compares your web media to your local competition and grades how you’re doing. It will suggest solutions to each problem.
  • Think of it as your roadmap of improvements and a way to ensure you’re getting the most out of the web media you’ve already paid for.
  • Contact us below for more information or visit our Marketing Shop.